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for women in engineering 

Be heard, gain respect, and have a career YOU WANT on your terms 

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Are you tired of not being heard or appreciated? 

Are you working hard, yet not getting ahead?
Do you have great ideas, and are frustrated that no one is listening to you?

Are you stuck in a career rut?

Do you feel isolated and alone, as one of the very few women at work?

You're Smart and Hard Working...

...Then why do you feel stuck, undervalued, and exhausted with the constant effort to prove yourself?


You were excited to start your career. You love - and are good at - the technical aspects of your job. But, you've noticed that you are treated differently than your male coworkers in dozens of subtle ways. You've been talked over in meetings, had your ideas ignored, and pretended to ignore sexist comments and jokes. On your engineering team, you've been asked to take notes or create presentations instead of doing the technical work you love. 


You are working hard but aren't getting recognized for your efforts. You feel a constant need to prove yourself. Your relationships with your friends, partner, family, and your own health are suffering. You don't have time for anything but the next deadline, and feel like you are in survival mode much of the time. Despite being extremely busy, you feel like you're stuck in rut and aren't sure how to get out of it.


You never thought engineering would be easy, but the mental exhaustion of being one of the very few women isn't something you were prepared for. You feel like you can't bring all the parts of yourself to work. You've struggled to find peers and mentors who get you. You struggle to get useful direction or feedback on the non-technical things you need to advance. You feel frustrated and unsupported at work. You wonder what is wrong with you, because no matter what you've tried, you just can't seem to get ahead.


Did you know that 40% of women in STEM are usually or often the ONLY WOMAN in the room?

Did you know that 61% of women engineers report that they have to prove themselves repeatedly to get the same level of respect and recognition as their colleagues?

Did you know that female engineers, on average, make 10% less than male engineers?


...And it doesn't have to be this way.
When I found myself frustrated with my career progression and searched for resources to help me get unstuck, I didn't find any. Instead, I found generic advice for women in male-dominated industries. They told me to "be more confident", "lean in", and "ask for what you want". They indicated that organizations need to change their cultures to be more inclusive (which I fully support!).
This advice didn't help me. As a woman who was often the only one on her engineering teams, I couldn't find anything that would help me in that moment at work when someone took credit for my ideas, assigned me a non-technical task while my male colleagues got to do the technical stuff, or interrupted me during a meeting.

There wasn't anyone to teach me how to negotiate a promotion or a raise. 

There was no one to help me figure out where I wanted to go next in my career - or even what my career options might be - other than just getting the next task or next project complete.

There was no one to tell me that I wasn't imagining that I was being treated differently than my male colleagues. 

I often thought it was just me. I thought I was doing something wrong.

That's one of the reasons I wrote She Engineers, an Amazon.com best-selling book to help female engineers navigate their careers. I wanted to share what I had learned the hard way so you don't have to struggle as much I did. 

Readers asked if there was a way to be personally guided through the major lessons in the book.In response, the Fearless Masterclass was born!


 “I felt unappreciated. Primarily I lacked confidence. Being in this group….it makes you feel okay, this is happening to other people…the stuff on leadership and dealing with all these unconscious bias things….I have a colleague I’ve been butting heads with for years. Using what I learned, I got him to listen and take my recommendation, which has never happened before.“ 

Civil Engineer

“I was at a crossroad in determining whether I want to stay in a technical role or in a management role. I was also really struggling to find a mentor…I was living in a state of panic and feeling pressure to make a decision. And the course really made me relax, stop and take it step by step….It made me look at the big picture.” 

Electrical Engineer

“I was just in a really bad work situation when I entered the pilot, and I think my biggest thing was I actually didn’t know if I wanted to be an engineer anymore...I was at a very big crossroads in my life. I just dealt with a lot of like family stuff too and then work was imploding at the same time. So I needed that clarity….I made the decision to change jobs and stay in engineering.” 

Civil Engineer

Fearless enrollment is currently closed while we help our current cohort rock their careers on their terms! 
Join the waitlist above to be the first to know when enrollment opens next!

Level Up Your Engineering Career

Get noticed, gain respect, and start living up to your potential
In 2003, I entered the workforce. Fresh out of a highly ranked engineering program, and with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in hand, I moved halfway across the country to begin my engineering career.

My first day on the job, I quickly noticed that I was one of only two female engineers in the engineering department (we both started the same month), but I didn’t think much of it. My schooling had seemed entirely gender-neutral. My interests in math and science had been encouraged from a young age, and I had not really thought about the fact that men significantly outnumbered women in all my college engineering classes.

I have always enjoyed baking and sharing my baking with others. Someone having a bad day? Bring them some cookies. Someone having a celebration? Bake a cake. My favorite thing to make was anything involving chocolate. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, mint chocolate chip cheesecake, you name it. My mouth is watering just thinking about making one of these.

So there I was, in my first weeks in my first full-time engineering position, and I brought in some homemade brownies to share at work. The brownies were soft and fudgy, with swirls of caramel that caused them to practically melt in your mouth.

One of the senior engineers in the department tasted one of my brownies, and commented, “This is why we need women in the department.” Yet, it wasn’t at all unusual for the men to bring in baked goods (in fact we took turns bringing in a treat once a week), and the only comment would be a thank-you.  

That was my first of many experiences with gender bias.

At first, I thought that I must be too sensitive and needed to work harder to fit in. I made a focused effort to “fit in” with the guys. I started paying more attention to sports teams. I tried my hand at golf. I developed a thicker skin and laughed off any sexist remarks.

I thought that acting more like the men, working harder, doing what everyone else was doing, and making sure I knew all the correct technical answers were the requirements for engineering success. I thought that if I could simply ignore the fact that I am a female engineer, I'd be treated equally.

Yet, over time I felt stuck in my career and exhausted with trying to keep up and trying to act like someone I was not. 

Working harder wasn't working.

I suspected that some of my frustrations were related to gender bias, but didn't know what to do. I didn't want to call attention to the unfairness because I was sure doing that would only make it worse. I felt alone and isolated.

On the outside, I was balancing everything well - meeting the deadlines by working until the wee hours of the morning and gaining praise from my boss. But on the inside? I was exhausted. I wanted to support my growing young family, but I also wanted to be able to see my family instead of working crazy hours. On the outside I appeared "successful", but on the inside I felt like a failure.
Not sure how to move my career forward, I did what I have always done when stuck – I did research. I embarked on a multi-year journey of reading, talking to other female engineers, learning from other industries, looking for data-backed research, and trial-by-error of the techniques I uncovered.

Unlock the keys to success as a woman in engineering. 

The keys that neutralize gender bias, silence critics (including your own inner doubter), accelerate your earning potential, and allow you to have a life outside of work. These are things that you can use in the exact moment you need them most.

You don't have to act like the men. You don't have to wait for someone else to change your work culture. You don't have to continually job hop in order to gain more respect, a raise, or a promotion.

And while you do need to work hard to be successful in any field, you don't need to be exhausted. You don't need to settle for being less than you are to have the career of your dreams.   


What if you got to spend more of your day doing exactly what you are best at?

What if your ideas were respected and you were recognized for your abilities?

What if you were able to successfully negotiate a promotion, raise, a flexible schedule, or more vacation time?

Who would you spend more time with if you didn't work all that overtime?

Transform your career from undervalued to unstoppable. Introducing...

Here is a taste of what you'll discover in this program:
  • The biggest mistake holding you back from success, and a personalized action plan to correct it. 
  • How to use your strengths to create a dream career that is uniquely you
  • The reasons female engineers often feel invisible at work (no, it's not your imagination nor is it your fault!), and what you can do to gain recognition and respect.
  • ​How to navigate unconscious bias at work without becoming the office outcast.
  • ​Why common leadership strategies for men backfire when female engineers use them, and what to do instead. 
  • ​How to find your own supportive engineering community, even if you're the only woman in your office and hate traditional "networking". 
  • ​​The secret to getting your boss on board with your career goals, AND negotiating a promotion, raise, maternity leave, remote work arrangements, and more.


Fearless Female Engineers Masterclass 
This 5-week self-guided program teaches you the tools you need to take charge of your career, be heard, and gain respect, creating endless opportunities for your engineering career. 

Short training videos,  implementation challenges, live group coaching, and peer support will get you the results you need quickly. 
Live Group Coaching Calls
Each week, join our live group calls (via Zoom), where we'll walk you through that week's lesson, share bonus tips, and talk about any roadblocks in the way of your success. Virtual breakout groups during these calls will help you implement the strategies learned so you can immediately apply them at work. All calls are recorded and replays are posted to our members-only site.
1-on-1 Coaching Support
We understand that each woman's career needs are unique. That's why our program includes unlimited email support, one 60 minute Strategy call after completion of Module 2, and one 45 minute Momentum call to be scheduled at your convenience within one year of enrollment. 
Private Virtual Community Support 
Peer and mentor support systems are critically important. There is mounting evidence that women in engineering with peer support groups and women mentors are more likely to stay in engineering and have more success in the field (the same correlation has NOT been found for women with male support). That's why you get lifetime access to our private Facebook community for peer support and accountability. You aren't alone anymore!
Plus bonuses which vary for each cohort!
Each cohort of the course includes different bonuses so to help you be the boss of your career. 

Bonuses for the next cohort will be unveiled next time we open the Masterclass for enrollment!
If you are frustrated, tired of being overlooked, and ready to unlock your unique career potential, this transformational program is for you! 


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